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It all began in the year 1969

On the verge of the new Millennium, it is appropriate to look back as to challenge the future. In doing so we recognize our remarkable past achievements. But we are also viewing the future anticipating to increase the speed of our development.


50 years ago in 1969 we started with two employees into the market. Within short time we received industrial recognition, that we were able to convert into a quality brand known far beyond german borders: HAM Precision. In those days there were no Personal Computer, and even the pocket calculator was introduced a few years later. It is unbelievable, how much technology has developed since then ...


Currently HAM employs worldwide more than 450 people of which 240 are working at the headquarters in Schwendi-Hörenhausen. Here we build the innovative precision tools and develop new products for our well-known industrial partners all over the world and all this on a manufacturing area that had almost doubled in 1999 to 25.000 square meters.


Also in the new Millennium we aim to be a dynamic partner to our customers, who grows permanently by accepting new challenges.

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